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Olympic sport - Ink on paper

Ink drawings inspired by the Olympics Games in Rio 2016

The path of the athlete is a path of effort, adherence to the goal, and determination to achieve optimal performance. The spirit of sport provides moments of inspiration and seems to draw its strength from inexhaustible sources.

When we get to watch the highlight moments of athletes who have been training for many years with a strong belief to succeed in their decisive moments, we are often filled with feelings of admiration and appreciation in the face of the sublime effort that led to the realization of the goal, to the victory of the spirit.

Like the athlete, the artist also strives to achieve a high goal, with great effort, to bring the very best to the stage. The drawings in this exhibition were created with a Japanese brush, soaked in black ink, which creates on the paper's fibers a sharp contrast between a black stain and a bright white space. The hand that holding the brush transfers the entire reflected being into the paper, and in one moment the whole world is treasured within it. The black color absorbed and assimilated that powerful flowing inspiration, that feeling of fulfillment, with maximum precision and impact.

Just before the Olympics Games opened in Rio 2016, I recognized an extraordinary opportunity - to experiment with expression and drawing people with movement. I took a decision to follow the Games through an artistic brush stroke that would give me the opportunity to turn from a passive viewer to an active observer.

The experience of watching the Olympics and Paralympics Games was empowering. The ambition and struggle of the athletes to be at their very best in real-time inspired me. The hand freely transferred those impressions and imprinted them with an intuitive, minimalist line on thin calligraphic paper.

The technique:

Drawings with a Japanese brush dipped in black ink on washi paper, in the Sumi-e technique, which is fundamentally based on the principles of Japanese calligraphy (lettering). From that point, the process of creating the book "Up & Beyond Through Motion" began. Want to read more? Click here for more details...

The moment of emotion

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