"From a young age, I loved to paint and this ability was for me an anchor for observing the challenges of life itself. Holding a brush, or any tool that allows for inner artistic expression, I enter the gates of a secret garden, step on its blessed soil, and everything becomes peaceful, harmonious, and joyful, like water reflecting the blue of the sky. My attention is fully devoted to the sound of nature resonating between the rustling of the wind in the leaves, the wondrous song of the birds, and the sound of the flight of the bee rubbing against the wild grass. I experience this wonderful creation as a part of me, and from this place, the art expresses itself in a blessed flow, through me and beyond..."


Illustration process

"Being involved in the illustration is a great privilege for me, each work is a creation in itself. When I have approached the creative process, I must be one hundred percent attentive to the dreamers who asked me to make a wish come true.

At first, I'm putting all of my focus on the inspiration from the essence of the request, and then I'm diving into the depth of the art's creation. At the start, it comes only with thinking and planning, and after everything is clear, the time to pick up the brushes is coming: line by line the essence of the words begins to take shapes form, and when the work begins to have a  basic backbone, just like a magic wand, the spots of color breathe life into the creation- and the piece stands on its own, and illuminates in the world".


About the artist:

Iris was born in Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim in 1980.

Studied at "Amal A" high school, Petah Tikva, majoring in graphics and art, and graduated with honors.

She finished her military service with honors as a graphic draftsman in the publishing house of the General Staff.

After the military service, she began her journey as an independent artist, and at the same time, she worked and experienced the treatment and assistance of children with cerebral palsy.

Iris returned to the world of graphics and worked for six years as a graphic designer at the "Bouman Ber-Rivnai" advertising company. After that, she started her career as an illustrator of interactive games and stories at "TabTale" and also became famous as an independent book illustrator for books for children, youth, and adults.

In 2019, Iris published her first book, "Up & Beyond Through Motion", which expresses in originality the Olympic athletics sport' spirit and a connection to the sources of the Bible, through minimalist brushstrokes.

Today, Iris continues her work mainly in the field of illustration in unique projects, such as science illustrations for "Frontiers" journal, as well as progress in her own personal projects.

Among Iris's clients:

Collaborations in various projects with private clients, companies and various organizations:

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