Various design and illustration projects

Illustration & design New Year's blessing 

The illustration is taken from Ayelet Pnueli's card game "The Noah Arc" . Illustration by: Iris Gat.

Illustration for invitation to "The Treasure Theatre" show 

The theatre show deals with the topic of increasing awareness of sexual harassment from strangers toward boys and girls

Digital Illustration by Iris Gat

Digital illustration by Iris Gat.

Illustrations and designs Siddur's covers for elementary school children

Illustrations and designed blessing cards for "Bayer" company - holidays and Birthdays and Company employee's days in Israel

Illustrations and designed a business Logo, and Flyer for Maggie Assyag - "Magic - speak the children's language"

Logo design for "Gilboa-Gutman" real estate agency in Tel Aviv

Design logo for Real Estate company

Logos illustration and design for small businesses

Illustrations and designs walls for elementary school 

Illustrations for wedding invitations

Various projects in illustration for companies and organizations

An illustration depicting correct work with a garbage can of the "Bloren" kitchen company, versus incorrect work with regular trash under the kitchen sink.

Illustration for competition

Illustration for competition

Illustration for a little princess who wanted to be Cinderella.

Illustration of a rainbow Superhero character, for an interactive children game.

Custom order illustration

Illustrations for the annual journal of "Bezeq International". 

The mission was to insert the green parrot's company into famous paintings.

Illustration for competition - the mission was to take two "Disney" characters and illustrate them for a different story.

I took Woody and Buzz Lightyears from "Story Toy" and put them in the story: "The Happy Man's Shirt".

Image processing and retouching

When I worked at the "Baumen Ber-Ravnai" advertising agency, among other things I was involved in image processing and retouching. Here I had to put a hearing aid for the singer's image (It was for a pro-bono advertisement for the hearing impaired association)

In the advertisement for "Hot", I illustrated the advertisement similar to the design articles that appear in the "Globes" newspaper.

In an advertisement for the "Pelephone" company, I planted musical notes inside the hourglass image and made sure they looked as natural and real as possible.

Bunny House Sewing Designs for a special girl who loves bunnies

More designs and illustrations from long past years...