Digital illustrations

This page contains a collection of digital works that I illustrated from different projects

About the technique and the way of the digital creation 

Many times it happens that people are disrespectful when they hear that an illustration was made on a computer, and even tend to underestimate its value. To me, the canvas in Photoshop is empty - just like a real canvas or paper - and then I open my tools, and choose the right brushes for the job, just as I would when painting in acrylic or oil. Sometimes I even build myself the brush I want, with the texture, sensitivity to hand pressure, and the exact texture I'm looking for.

After my tools are ready, I simply begin - line by line, according to the fertile imagination, I sketch the lines of the scenes and elements, adjust the right compositions to the frame, deletes, adds, moves, changes, until everything works out well.

The next step is coloring. For this stage as well, I choose the right brushes and the shade of color I would like to achieve, and adjust the scale's color that I will have as a basis for work. At that point, all the fun begins!

Brush strokes one after the other, the spots of color blend together, first as a rough and imprecise painting and only later by focusing on the small details, and then the image slowly reaches its destination. Just before reaching the end - take a deep breath, take a step back, and see the whole complex from above, and sometimes it is necessary to add a small finish that adds grace and raises a smile.

So when someone tells me that a work made on a computer is not a "real" work, my answer is that it is painting and art, just like painting in acrylic or oil is art, only the way is different and the materials are different. In both methods, you start from an empty canvas and on it, you start to fly with the wings of the imagination of the creative work.

Collection of digital illustrations

Painting inspired by "The iron swords" war in Israel, 7 October 2023, According Psalm 91 prayer

A project of street illustrations for the research work of Amitayi Shnikiz Raphael (PhD studies) on environmental psychology at "Ben Gurion" University

Sokolov Street in Tel Aviv (Israel) in a variety of illustrated features that influence environmental psychology. The illustrations were illustrated for Amitayi's PhD research questionnaire.

Illustrations I drew for the scientific journal "Frontiers" for an article by Nobel Prize winner Prof. Richard Axel,

A portrait I painted in honor of Esther Roth Shachamorov, the legendary runner athletics, the bride of the Israel Prize, for her 70th birthday party.

Illustration for Roni Avraham from "The First Social Radio" 

Kids' digital illustrations

Adult' digital illustrations