Published Articles

Television interview with Danny Rupp 

TV interview about the illustrations of the Olympics Rio Games 2016, on Danny Rupp's program "Morning Light" on channel 10. Published on 23 August 2016, Israel (Hebrew).

Interview on "Channel 20"

Sharon Rutter's article interview with Iris Gat About the book "Up & Beyond Through Motion". The article was published on the website of "Channel 20" on 20 February 2020, in Israel (Hebrew).

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Interview on "The First Social Radio"

Roni Avraham's interview with Iris Gat about the book "Up & Beyond Through Motion", on "The First Social Radio".

 The interview which was published on 29 October 2019, Israel (Hebrew).

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New Year's Blessing

The painting "Bird on a Branch" was chosen as the Rosh Hashanah card of the "National Culture Basket" Israel (, Along with a poem by Yael Gloverman "First Light". (Hebrew)

An article in the magazine "From the Top of the Mountain"

Shlomit Goldin Halevi interviewed Iris Gat about her artworks. The article was published on 23 December 2011, Israel (Hebrew).

An article in 'Epoch Time' magazine

Maya Mizrahi interviewed Iris Gat about the illustration profession in our changing world. The article was published In 'Epoch Time' magazine on 10 November 2011, Israel (Hebrew).

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An article in "Index" magazine

Eyal Philipsborn interviewed Iris Gat about the digital illustration profession. The article was published In "Index" magazine on 6 October 2011, Israel (Hebrew)

Participation in the 75th-anniversary exhibition of the Snow White character

Iris' illustration was chosen to represent the publication of the exhibition in the education newspaper 'Free Lesson'.

The exhibition was shown at the Technological Institute HIT in Holon in 2012, Israel (Hebrew)

Articles about the exhibition "On the Wings of the Wind"

Various Articles that published in magazines in Ra'anana on 21 January, and 18 January 2016.