Welcome to my art site

Every piece of art expresses a different step over the journey of life,

and each painting reflects the way and the learning on God's loving path.

I wish you'll enjoy my collection of works here.

:-) Iris Gat


New book!

New Lecture!

My first book and lecture now available to public

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A tale of Twenty Beads

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My painting "Bird on a branch" is chosen to represent

on the hebrew new year's bless - Rosh hashana.

published by "Sal Tarbut artzi" ( National Culture Committee סל תרבות ארצי)


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"The colors, just like words and music, are mixed together and create a new song"

"A colorful illustrations that reflect a beautiful and rich world for children"

"The Olympic sport's spirit through the brush flow"

"The silence will carry your voice, like the sleeping birds in the nest"


My way

Painting is my higher ground.

When I​'m​ holding the brush or any tool to express my inner world,

I feel like I​'m​ entering ​a secret garden, and the ​ambience there is so ​hylic, pure and harmonic.​​

The mind ​becomes relaxed​ and peaceful​,​ like a quite ​​water that ​clearly mirror the sky​.

I love to put ​in ​my full attention to the sound of nature​ and ​notice the wind song through the leaves,

the heavenly​ birds voices, and feeling this wonderful creation ​as part of me.

​​My best art is ​growing ​through that world.

My passion for art leads me to many paths that I can walk through,

and along the way I'm trying new mediums and materials, while

learning to know myself better through new worlds and new expressions.

You are most welcome to visit my site, wishing you find some inspiration too ...


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